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Curious About tells stories of those who struggled and transformed in every aspect of their career and life. It is a podcast that focuses on individuals' journeys instead of their successes. Every successful story comes with a unique journey.

Curious About comes from a woman who is enthusiastic about storytelling and is extremely curious about life. She believes that self-exploration is often undermined and neglected by many and people tend to focus on others' successes instead of their journeys.  


The goal of the podcast is to help our audience reach their full-potentials by discussing stories of those who overcame their struggles in their career paths and in their lives. If you enjoy self-exploration and would like to learn from others, you will enjoy Curious About. New episodes come every Wednesday morning.

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Record your career story & inspire others 

What is the definition of success? You don't need to be successful in your career to tell a story.

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